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     ENVIS (Environmental Information System) has been started in all states of the country by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India in the beginning of year 2002 to implement the World Bank assisted Environment Management-Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project (EMCBTAP) for Envis Sub-Component Scheme. The Ministry has decided to set up a network on environmental issues among the subject oriented centers to be established in different states. The project also aims to broaden the ambit of ENVIS and include varying subject-areas themes, local issues, information's / data needed for the country pertaining to environment through introduction of modern means of information and communication technologies. The centre is responsible for collection, collation and dissemination of relevant information through web-enable mechanisms to various stakeholders, as one of the main objectives of ENVIS scheme.

       The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India has established specific subject oriented centers in all states of the country in different organizations/establishments/NGO for activities under ENVIS sub-component of EMCBTA Project, with the name: EMCB-ENVIS Node with a ENVIS Focal Point in the Ministry. EMCB-ENVIS Node in Bihar has also been set up as one of the partners in ENVIS Program. The EMCB-ENVIS Node of Bihar has been converted into ENVIS Centre now.

Objectives of Envis Centre:

      Long-term objectives:
  • To build up repositories and dissemination centers in various subject areas of Environment and Environmental engineering ;
  • To adopt modern technologies of information acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination
  • To support and promote research, development and innovation in environmental information technology .
     Immediate objectives:
  • To provide national environmental information service relevant to present needs and capable of development to meet the future needs of users

  • To build up storage, retrieval and dissemination capabilities, with the ultimate objective of disseminating information speedily to the users

  • To promote national and international co-operation and liaison for exchange of Environment related information; and

  • To promote exchange of information among countries and region.
               The ENVIS Center will develop and maintain an information base that includes both descriptive information as well as numerical data. Descriptive information in the form of publications, reports, reprints and abstracts on status of Environment will be stored for dissemination. Numerical data on the same subject will be collected, compiled, processed and analyzed for the purpose of dissemination. Documentation in the form of publications and reports would be brought out. ALL the information thus compiled will be made available on the website launched.

     Responsibilities & Activities of ENVIS Centre:
  • The ENVIS Center will collect books, reports and journals in the particular subject area of environment

  • The ENVIS Center will host and maintain a website at ENVIS CENTRE on the subject

  • The ENVIS Center will publish abstracts on the subject area

  • The ENVIS Center will have linkages with information sources in the country and abroad for increasing the information contents in the particular subject area of environment

  • The ENVIS Center will supply information on the queries referred to it, by ENVIS Focal Point, Central Government Departments and Organizations, State Government Departments and Organizations, Scientific Institutions and Research scientists in the country, in the form of copies of published reports, documents, abstracts and research papers

  • The ENVIS Center will help in building up and inventory of authentic and reliable information material

  • The ENVIS Center will establish data bank’s containing data on relevant subject area

  • The ENVIS Center will indentify data gaps and knowledge gaps in their subject areas and prepare a status report and enable policy decision

  • The ENVIS Center will bring out news letters and other publications in their subject areas.

     Bihar ENVIS Center
This Center is functioning under the over all administration of Bihar State Pollution Control Board.

Subject Area

On "Status of Environment and Related Issues".
    The Bihar ENVIS Centre has developed a website on State of the Environment and related issues of Bihar State. (URL: http://bhenvis.nic.in)


Bihar ENVIS Center has been established in Bihar State Pollution Control Board, Beltron Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Shastri Nagar,Beily Road,Patna-800 023. Email Address: bh@envis.nic.in, Phone No. 0612-2281250/2282265.Fax: 0612-2281050

Activity Area

The geographical coverage of the State Bihar is the area of Bihar ENVIS Centre.


The function of Bihar ENVIS Center has been managed by the ENVIS Coordinator, Sri M.K.Singh who is also Member Secretary of the Board. There is one Assistant Environmental Engineer of the Board, Sri Anil Kumar working as Information Officer to look after activities of the Center. A data entry operator is also working under the Center.

    List of all ENVIS Centres in India

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